The website has been purchased by Shiner Lore and Web Solutions Private Limited Company from the date 18/08/2018. All future services will be provided by our Shiner Lore and Web Solutions Private Limited Company in future. You can get our various quotation from an online Services like PMGDISHA Auto Email Service, PMGDISHA Self Email Service, Bulk SMS Service, Tardy Digital Advertising Service & Shared Hosting Service etc.

PMGDISHA Auto Verify Email Service

Through PMGDISHA Auto Verify Email service we can verify Auto Emails.

PMGDISHA Self Email Service

Through PMGDISHA Self Email Service you can Receive Email’s User ID and Password.

Bulk SMS Service

Through Bulk SMS Service you can buy online SMS and send SMS to millions of users simultaneously.

Tardy Digital Advertising Service

Through Tardy Digital Advertising Service, you can send traffic to your website and earn millions of rupees per month.

Shared Hosting Service

We can make our website through our service and can use our domain only 28 per month on our own Shared Hosting.

Any Problem Visit Now Tardy Helpdesk.